Why your mother-in-law hates you?

It could be worse We may make light of the hate between mothers and daughters-in-law but it can be dangerous. There are women being murdered worldwide because they did not please their mother-in-law so because of that, it is worth paying attention to the issue. The name, mother-in-law brings a lot of negative emotions in […]

Let your sorry be my comfort

Communicating ineffectively Communication is dying. People don’t really know how to care or communicate anymore. I have been through my fair share of painful hurts in life. I have turned to friends, colleagues and family members looking for comfort. Some of the responses I have received are anything but comforting. I get it that sometimes […]

Different colors of mud

Human races are made from different colors of mud. There are tensions due to different colors of humanity that we don’t go to war for. Well, not an outright war but a hidden war that is fought on a daily basis wherever different races meet. A war on the bus, at work, on application forms, […]

The art of the deal on rejection

You are one of us but… This statement is not said as often as what it implies happens. The art of the deal on rejection is complicated to say the least. Rejection in this world is everywhere. People of all races, cultures, ages and nationalities are dealing with rejection. So, what is rejection anyway and […]

Married to be single

Marriage is very important because it is the foundation of every community and society. But it seems like we, as the now generation are not seeing the importance of it. We are marrying for a short season then moving on to the next partner and repeat. Then why are we not happier? Divorce is not […]

Are your parents too poor to care?

I am feeling luck Being born is like playing lotto, some will get the winning hand, others not so much. The ones that get the lucky hand, we call them the luck-ones. They are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. We, the poor ones, look at them as we peep through the servants-quarters […]

I love me, myself and I

There is no other relationship as complicated as the one I have with myself. I love me, I hate me. Sometimes I am proud of myself and other times I am disappointed with myself. There are times I do the best for me and there are times, I do things I hate. I do things […]

The seismic scale of bullying

They held his head down a swirling toilet after giving him a wedge. (Cue, canned sitcom laughter). Only thing is the person whose head is down the toilet is not laughing. The abuse is much too real and he knows it will happen again tomorrow because it happened yesterday and last week. Children of men […]

Unrequited love is romance discord

The difference between a crush and unrequited love A crush you can get over easily and it lasts for a few weeks or months, unrequited love on the other hand can stay with you for a long time, even years and hook your brain to fantasy world. Heart pulsing, palm sweating and the attraction that […]

Parental rejection and neglect

Suffering rejection and neglect from your parents hurts When you hear about parents neglecting their kids on the news, it takes you aback and you question, what kind of monsters will do such a thing? The thing is rejection and neglect of children is more common than most of us realize. There are orphanages around […]