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The dark side of women’s empowerment

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Being a woman of today I have been told that, as a woman, I am luck to have been born in this period of time. Women who were born centuries ago, didn’t have the rights that I have right now. Then why am I, as a woman of this luck period of time, feeling overwhelmed […]

Coping with life after sexual abuse

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Sexual abuse is one of those traumatic experiences that will cast a shadow on your life. It leaves its victims with a bag of emotions very twisted and winded like an eye of a hurricane. It is a hard thing to deal with. You want to forget the whole deal but you can’t, so what […]

How alcoholism destroyed my marriage and what to do to save yours?

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There is nothing more painful than feeling lonely while you are married. I have been trying to survive a marriage to an alcoholic husband. Sad to say we are separated now. He drank like a fish and we fought like rats in the basement. All parts of everyday living, of course. It was emotionally exhausting […]

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