Prior to joining the #MGTOW, men want this

Before men go their own way (#MGTOW), they have expectations from women. The expectations might have come from their own ideas, past generation tales, society, someone’s perception or whatever the case may be. Men have changed their appetites, they need more, want more and realistically, expect much more. If they don’t get it, they are […]

With fire burning in my life

Fire burning in my life Born in a world full of suffering They didn’t tell me who to choose as parents They didn’t tell me which country of the world to be born into I am not even sure who they are All I remember is starting to know life on earth as a child […]

The dark side of women’s empowerment

Being a woman of today I have been told that, as a woman, I am luck to have been born in this period of time. Women who were born centuries ago, didn’t have the rights that I have right now. Then why am I, as a woman of this luck period of time, feeling overwhelmed […]

Digging through the season of loneliness

The celebration time of the year is upon us. Let’s all celebrate. Well at least that’s what the media portrays with all those adverts with cute families and people coming together laughing, dancing and just having fun. The reality is much different for most people. We are alone and lonely at this time of the […]

Even Prince Harry couldn’t resist

There is nothing new under the sun, one might argue but the numbers of people involved in interracial relationships is growing. Every race is inter-mingling with the other. What will the world look like in 50 years or 100 years? Will there be any one race people left, if there ever was any to begin […]

Coping with life after sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is one of those traumatic experiences that will cast a shadow on your life. It leaves its victims with a bag of emotions very twisted and winded like an eye of a hurricane. It is a hard thing to deal with. You want to forget the whole deal but you can’t, so what […]

Is higher education a scam?

I have come to realize that getting a degree does not guarantee success and paying to get one is not easy. Success after college is based on who you know, not what you know. The tuition fees are very expensive and getting worse every year. I want to know if education today is worth what […]

The eternal prison after sexual assault

Sex scandals I have been reading sexual assault news allegations against men in higher positions for the past few weeks. One has to ask, how far has the world come in terms of equal treatment for women? Have the times changed for the better? Why are these men who assaulted women not in prison right […]